“This isn’t about fixing the past, Ems,” Krelle insisted. “It’s about making sure that my past doesn’t hurt any more people in the present or future. That’s not revenge.”        

“Then it’s a reckoning,” Ems countered, nodding gravely. “Which, in this case, is worse. For all of us.”   

--Krelle’s Inferno  Chapter 17

Thanks for stopping by my online home and the base for Krelle’s World. What is that? And who am I? Good questions! Here are some answers…
I fell in love with history and adventure fiction at the same time--when I was about six years old. That was when I learned that my grandfather had been a Marine aircraft mechanic in the Pacific during World War II, and he’d married my grandmother not long after she’d become one of the few Marine Women’s Reservists. Once I connected their wartime stories to what I saw on my first visit to Pearl Harbor with my dad, I was hooked; I couldn’t learn enough about the past. Not long after that, much to my parents’ relief, I finally started to take interest in the words written in books instead of just the pictures. Thanks to characters like the Pevensies, the Bagginses, and a dog named Rontu, I embraced finding adventure and meaning in books while I waited impatiently for new Star Wars and Superman movies to come out. I grew to love fiction so much that I declared to my family that someday I’d write marvelous tales that somehow felt like they could really happen. True-life stories in history then captured me in high school and college, culminating in a Ph.D. in twentieth-century history focused on the two world wars, the Holocaust, and the Cold War. I spent years talking about these subjects with students of all ages and writing about them, but a few years ago decided to make good on my childhood promise and sat down to write my first historical fiction novel. The result is Krelle’s Inferno--a “what if” story of a post-World War II world different from that of actual history but, in some haunting ways, unsettlingly familiar. It’s the story of one man’s internal and external journey through the consequences of his past actions, of his struggle to find his way back to what truly matters—including himself---in a decidedly volatile and uncertain time.
Welcome to Krelle’s World and to mine. Take a spin around the site to learn more, then come back often for updates on events, blog entries, and the latest news on bringing Krelle into your world. 

Krelle's Inferno

In 1944, the D-Day landings in Normandy failed. The Second World War eventually ended with the death of Nazi Germany, but the postwar world continued to look ominous, devoid of the joy of peace. 
And one man blames himself for all of it. 
In 1946, Geren Krelle has a secret that haunts him, and he hates himself and the entire world for it. His country has surrendered, his family is missing, and his freedom is gone. But when he reluctantly accepts an offer from his former enemies to return to his devastated homeland, he finds opportunities for some sort of redemption, but only if he faces his own demons and confronts the others around him. As he journeys deeper into the dark heart of Soviet-occupied Europe, Krelle must choose whether or not to face his past, admit horrendous truths about himself and his country, and revisit the painful questions about what it means to be human. If he doesn’t, he won’t survive—and neither will anyone he loves. 
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JDK Wyneken-Alternate History Author, Historian, & Thought Leader.

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