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Day Six D-Day Remembrance Event: Sannerville

British Paratroopers Leading
C-47 Dropping Troops
Paratroopers jumping at DropZone K

Day Five D-Day Remembrance Event: Duxford

Tabitha May
Taking a break from the rain
Looking out on the airfield
Saber in action
Our amazing partner/host DasValdez
Best Seats on the field

Day Four D-Day Remembrance Event: Duxford

Duxford C-47 landing
Link to the Day Four Livestream
Formation Flight over Duxford
That's All Brother

Day Three D-Day Remembrance Event: Duxford

Day Three
JDK at Duxford
At the Duxford Museum
Miss Montana
Daks at Duxford

Day Two D-Day Remembrance Event: London 

Churchill War Rooms

Day One D-Day Remembrance Event: Iceland

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Iceland landscape
Blue Lagoon, Iceland
Sunset (at 11:00 pm)
Lend Lease Route

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