JDK is a founding Board Member of VECTORS-a 501 (c) 3 that uses virtual engagement to bring program options to youth everywhere.


VECTORS Virtual Field Trips (VFT) are one element of our web based free program created to bring students experiences that they otherwise might not have access to.  Utilizing online engagement students can participate in VECTORS after school program, virtual field trips, and other events.


In October we will go live with a daily "after school" program on Twitch.  On weekdays from 3:00-7:00 pm (Pacific Time) we will have experts leading activities.  Participants check the schedule at myvector.org/calendar and choose when to tune in and learn what supplies to have ready.  Then just log in to https://www.twitch.tv/DC3Girl and join our experts (and you can chat with them!).  We livestream from our headquarters at Matt's Club (The MC) in Merlin, OR. 

Here is a sample of what our schedule was like for two days during "D-Day Remembrance week"

Missed the livestream from the D-Day 75th Remembrance Event?  You can watch it on Twitch!  

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For Immediate Release
Seattle, WA-May 13, 2019


   Seattle Author & Historian JDK Wyneken Announces Book Launch & Virtual Field   Trip to Normandy for D-Day 75th Anniversary Remembrance Events, 2-8 June 2019

Author, historian, and VECTORS Board of Directors member, JDK Wyneken, Ph.D., will lead a virtual field trip to England and Normandy, France in June 2019 to share his perspectives on the role of aviation in the June 6, 1944, Allied invasion of Normandy, one of the most important events in modern history.  Dr. Wyneken will guide the VECTORS Virtual Field Trip via the online platform Twitch, and will also share the launch of his new historical fiction novel, Krelle’s Inferno, which explores what the world might have been like had the D-Day invasion failed.

Dr. Wyneken is a professionally-trained historian specializing in World War II and the impact of the Allied victory on the postwar world.  D-Day played a critical role in establishing the United States and Soviet Union as new global superpowers; even though the two were allies during the war, the partnership didn’t last long after the final defeat of Nazi Germany—a defeat that finally began on the beaches at Normandy and in the skies above it. 

Dr. Wyneken will also share select portions, characters, and themes from Krelle's Inferno, a story set in a frightening world where the D-Day invasion was thrown back into the sea.  His story recognizes the strategic and tactical roles of air power and highlights key aircraft that were critical to Allied success in World War II.  Dr. Wyneken will guide the livestream audiences through in-depth conversations about the airplanes, events, and personalities that shaped the outcome of D-Day and how it all might have gone differently. 

Partnering with Kerbal Space Academy, audiences will also have an opportunity to “fly” the C-47 on the courses flown on D-Day and experience why the C-47 (and its civilian version, the DC-3) is widely regarded as the greatest plane ever built—a fact that will be demonstrated by a flight of thirty-four of these eighty-plus year old planes over Normandy during our Virtual Field Trip.

Visit https://www.jdkwyneken.com/ for more information on Dr. Wyneken, Krelle’s Inferno, and the Virtual Field Trip!

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